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If the audi mmi software is 0500 to 2860, its too old to run bluetooth and needs to be updated. Identification of the audi mmi 2g software version. This is a tutorial on how to update the software version and navigation database version on audi mmi 3g high systems. Checking audi mmi sofware version for bluetooth compatibility. How to update firmware in audi mmi 3g plus high basic. Easily retrospectively activate the navigations system for your audi. Here comes the guide on how to update audi mmi 3g firmare. Please contact an audi dealer or workshop with diagnostic software. Audienthusiasts please check software version management. Activates navigation system to use the 2016 version for europe. Though specific features vary between models, the mmi system in every audi consists of a central dial. Audi multi media interface 2g software version 5140 mmi 2g software update version eu 5150 usa 3360 russia 5540 procedure. Mmi 3g basic navigation systems can be identified by checking the mmi software version, you can do this by going into setup settings version information.

How to update audi mmi 3g firmware auto repair technician home. How to audi mmi 2g high firmware update navigationupdate. Bns basic navigation system is simple cdbased navigation with red monochrome display rns radio navigation system is a stand alone device that was available instead of standard stereo system chorus, concert, symphony as an option. To help prolong the life of your vehicle, come to audi service for a regular car check with software update to ensure that your vehicle is always being in the loop, guaranteeing outstanding performance, durability, safety and efficiency. The multi media interface mmi system is an incar user interface media system developed by audi, and was launched at the 2001 frankfurt motor show on the audi avantissimo concept car. To find out your current mmi high 2g update level enter these menu topics. The easiest way is to check the software version that is loaded in the system. Since its introduction, the mmi system has received iterative software upgrades to improve its performance and resolve bugs in the software. Audi mmi 3g basic firmware update k0260 8r0906961dp.

Audi update software cd mmi2g high a6 4f a8 4e q7 4l version. So if you have a later my car it will have a different software version. Audi update software cd v 5570 mmi 2g high a6 4f download. To find out your current mmi basic 2g update level hold the buttons setup and return for at least 3 seconds.

Jul 26, 2017 check which audi mmi version you have in your car. The latest available firmware version for the audi mmi 2g high system is as follows. Want to update your audis mmi but youre not sure which firmware to buy. Audi update software cd v 5570 mmi 2g high a6 4f a8 4e q7. The untouched full mmi 2g software firmware update can be found here. Navigation update 4g0060884s audi genuine accessories. Computer software update on vehicles audi service audi. Scroll down with the big knob and select the source in the menu sd 1 press it.

This dvd update allows you to update your mmi 3g audi to the latest firmware and perform a full entertainment system update. To see the latest firmware version available for your region click here. Also i lost air suspension and telephone options on my mmi. This step is necessary only if you are currently running software version lower than 5150. Nov 05, 2014 audi navigation systems bns vs rns vs mmi. The system is not suitable for the current mmi 3g infotainment system. Audi mmi firmware update full guides for download and. The software version shown on your screen there in the first picture is only for the radio and has nothing to do with wipers. Do not use firmware update files downloaded off the internet, audi firmware updates must.

The audi manual on this says that a backup power source should be connected to your battery, instead of this most people just leave the engine running. It is possible to update to version 5570 only from software 5150 or higher. Audi update software cd v 5570 mmi 2g high a6 4f download download audi mmi 2g high software update 99473d6f7e download free cd burning software to quickly and easily burn cds mmi update programming for vehicles equipped with mmi high mmi2g, e. We also supply firmware updates which enhance your audi mmi user experience by adding features including ami updates and applying various bug fixes throughout the cars modules. This will update your software to the following version software version. Go to settings scroll down to version information look for first letters and numbers of software version. Fully working and tested audi mmi 2g high 5570 update.

Production mmi was introduced in the second generation audi a8 d3 in late 2002 and implemented in majority of its latest series of automobiles. How to download and update firmware audi mmi firmware update download download digital photo cameras firmware. Do not use firmware update files downloaded off the internet, audi firmware updates must be modified depending on the equipment fitted to the car. Audi a4 8k and a5 always have the required level from factory so no update is necessary there. If you dont know what type of oem radio or which mmi software version installed in your audi, we made this simple chart for you where you can learn how to identify original mmi audi head unit and software version that is installed in your car from the factory. Proper periodic check keeps your car in optimum condition. Download mmi software tools public domain version for free.

The first 4 digits on the sw line depict the software version. Below mmi basic software version 0410 a6 and q7 only a mmi update is required. We use cookies to make our website work better and improve your online experience. Go to the engineering menu of the mmi usually, you can get there by clicking car and back buttons on the console and check the current firmware version. Pack contains 3 iso cd image files the full softwarefirmware update. Audi mmi is not available on every model, but is an option on many newer audi models. Dvd case with activation document for an overview of the current software status for your. Im wondering if it is a different software version regime because of its japanese origination or language pack. Microprocessors are controlled by firmware that enables the device to do the job it was purchased for. How to update audi mmi 3g firmware auto repair technician. According to audi this reflects the age of the car to which the software is matched. How to access mmi software version in your audi radio. The mmi 3g is available since about modelyear 2009. Software versions always begin with bnav or 3g, please see the examples below.

All brand names and manufacturers listed here are for informational purposes only and are in no way endorsed by unless stated other wise. Multi media interfaces are using similar starting screens and user interfaces so they are hard to tell apart. Updating the mmi system is an easy procedure that takes just a few minutes of your time. If your system already had another activator like carsons one we recommend making an emergency update before doing anything else. This is untouched and full firmware update to version 5570. To do this, enter the car menu by pressing the car button, then press setup or menu, then select the version submenu and read the value from the line marked with the letters sw. It has color lcd screen and much more functionality then bns. Select update system, indicate through which means sd1 or usb. How to check the audi mmi software version, via two different methods.

The geographical features and road characteristics appear identical but i was always impressed with overall. The newest version of audis software, dubbed mmi touch response, made its debut in the fourthgeneration a8 sedan introduced in the summer of. Hello everyone, my a3 is 1 year and 2 months old, my car has been back to the dealers a few times but never had any notification if my mmi software version is out of date, im only wondering since my media player messes around a little, it doesnt work very well with my iphone probably apples fault since its been garbage from trying to force apple music on me all the time which i dont want. Once downloaded it gets into a usb sd1 it is decompressed inside. The first position on your stalk is for automatic wipers if you have a rain sensor look in through your windshield for a small camera looking thing right where the mirror attaches to the windshield oh and as for a. The audi mmi multi media interface system was created to streamline the controls for audio, vehicle settings, and available navigation under a common interface, thereby reducing the number of buttons for a cleaner interior appearance. Audi mmi 3g high us to eu conversion, frequency step, language, map. This vehicle contains a mmi software level of 5170. We supply the appropriate cddvdsd based navigation updates for your audi navigation system. You can purchase the latest update package from our website audi mmi 3g high hdd 20192020 navigation map update package 8r0060884gs prerequisites connect your car with a battery charger or leave the engine running during the update procedure.

Follow this guide you need to know try it at you own risk. May 29, 2009 how to check the audi mmi software version, via two different methods. Audi mmi high 2g a64f, s64f, rs64f, a84e, q74l european. Audi navigation systems mmi rns bns rmc differences mr. For adding ami, we only need 3360 and for camera, my q7 has 4140. The update will result in bug fixes and whole fibre optic system running smoother and faster.

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